How do I get started?

The first step is to discuss your ideas with your spouse or any other decision makers. It also helps to have an idea of investment amount and any time frames for completion. Or, you can simply schedule your consultation by contacting us.

How much will my project cost? 
Each project is different based on the scope of work and materials. Once we meet, we’ll be able to provide an estimate for design fees and help you put together a budget - or what we call an investment plan - so you’re aware of all project costs. Our project minimum is $20k.

What are your typical types of projects?
We work on a broad range of projects and like to have schedule them in phases from construction to decorating to install so we make sure each received our full attention and service. Contact us for current schedule. We specialize in kitchens/baths/renovations.

Who are your best clients?

We have clients from all walks of life, from singles buying their first home, couples moving in together, to empty-nesters ready to create their dream home. Many of our clients are in finance, law, medicine, tech or entertainment. We also specialize in ‘bachelor pads’. Our best clients know that in order to get the best return on investment, their best decision is to hire the pros. They work with us to create a roadmap and then let us take the reins and do what we do best. Regardless of where you are in life, we’d be happy to work with you.

How long will it take? 

Your project could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 18 weeks for materials & furniture or longer with construction & remodeling. We’ll discuss this during the first few meetings so you know what to expect. 


I’ve never worked with a Designer before, what are the first steps? 

First of all, welcome. Talking with a Designer should almost always be your first stop - even before an Architect or Contractor. This is because in addition to design, we also serve as project managers who help put together the right team to make sure your design vision stays on track & gets completed to your standards. Contact Designers you resonate with and see if their communication style, process and experience fit with your personality. A Designer will do the same to assess fit and move forward from there.

What do I do if I want to change a project detail after project is started? 

Contact us. We’re committed to delivering a project to your exact needs. If you decide you want to change something or add additional services, we can make it happen.

Will you create drawings for permits? 

One of the key services we offer are CAD drawings, as well as code consultation & contractor bid assistance. Our principal has a degree from a CIDA-accredited program & is pursuing national NCIDQ certificate so you can rest assured your project will pass inspection & be built to the highest standards.

Do you charge for consultations?

All good Designers charge for consultations, just like other professionals. We block out a specific date & time on our calendar to travel, tour the space, make recs, give design advice & put together a proposal. This doesn’t allow us to work on other projects for that time. Most clients also see it as minimal cost that’s much less than making expensive mistakes which can add up quickly. We charge $600 for consultations for up to 2hrs which is credited to the project if you move forward. We offer also free intro phone calls and meet and greets at a nearby cafe for you to get a chance to meet us (design advice not included).

What  geographical areas do you cover?

Many of our projects have been completed in NYC, but we’re currently based in Austin, TX. We also cover San Antonio to Dallas for select clients. If you’re outside of these areas, please contact us for more info.